RM Netherlands - established in The Netherlands in 1999 - is an independent provider of postal solutions. Services include mail (letters, direct mail, publications) and parcels.
We are specialized in sorting and distribution of mail and parcels. In our automated and highly efficient 6700 m2 sorting centre, mail is sorted according to the instructions of the distribution partners. We develop and offer innovative, tailor made sorting and distribution services. For each client we use our consultative approach and extensive market knowledge to create solutions that fit our clients mailing requirements. Solutions are developed in close cooperation with the distribution partners. Consequently, RM achieves high levels of downstream access in the countries of destination.
We provide global, scalable low cost operations by outsourcing to local distribution partners.
RM is the largest distributor in The Netherlands with downstream access next to the national postal authority.
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Downstream access daily delivery


High levels of downstream access


Daily (track & trace) parcels national and international


Daily (track & trace) European countries

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